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Rx Health-Care Automation System

A Complete Hospital Automation System including Online Appointment System, Patient Record Management, Follow-ups, Billing, Accounting, Inventory, Lab, Bed Allocation, Discharge and so many modules

RxHAS Your Medical Assist

Cloud Based

RxHAS is a cloud based solution.


It is fully integrated with DHIS2, OpenMRS, Open HIE


It has lots of api that will help you to integrated other external systems.

Intelligence Report

You will get powerful business analytics to monitor and control your organization.

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Online Appointment

Online Application, Application Monitor, Notification

Patient Record Mgt.

Patient Admission, Manage Patient Records, Patinet Re-Admission

Outpatient Management

All the details of Outpatient patients, who are not admitted to the Hospital

Inpatient Management

This module manages all Inpatient department needs.

Follow-ups Management

Medicine Chart Form, Investigation Slip, Patient Daily Progress

Patient Prescription

Add new prescription, view prescription, print and manage prescription

Blood Bank

Dooner Registration, Storage Mgt, Stock, Sample Collection, Online Requisition

Building Management

Manage buildings and infrastucture information

Patient Shifting

Add new shift request, approve shifting, Cabin to Bed, Bed to Cabin

Indoor Management

Daily patient summary, indent submit, manage stock, Beds Allocation


Single patient bill generate, bill collection, online collection

Store Management

Goods Received, Issues, Stock, Medicines Management


Doctors, Nurses, Staff Informaiton and Profile Management

Users Profile

New user role, permission setup, role access control

Discharge Management

Bill confirmation, Patient release, Bed Allocation

Death Certification

Generate and Print death Certification, Death Reason Management

Pharmacy Management

Labratory & Pharmacy Informaiton Management,

Bed Management

Create new bed, automatic allocation and free bed management

Laboratory Management

Effectively manages patient medical tests, exam reports, commercial records

Security Management

Role based security will be provide to the user. Client-server architecture followed.

Payroll & HRD Management

This module can be attached through Time Sheet and inetgrated with attendace machine.

Accounts Management

Financial accounts an all purchase, expenses, payments are included in this module.

Balance Sheet

Current Balance, Trial balance, Business Intelligence Reports

Notification Center

SMS notification, Billing Notification, Email Notification

RxHAS Features

RxHAS has lots of features that will cover patient registration to discharge and HRM to billing.

Managers Business Intelligence Dashboard

Using this dashboard, managers can view and take decision
a. Daily Patient Admission Summary,
b. Daily Admission VS Discharge,
c. Disease Vs Death,
d. Daily Admission VS Death,
e. Gender Dis-aggregation,
f. Daily number of patients death,
g. Monthly admission, monthly discharge patients, total
death, number of free beds, generate
death certificate, average mortality rate and some
other reports.

Human Resource Management Module

In Human Resource Management Module, you can manage
your doctors, nurses, administrative staff, store managers,
billing managers, admission units, reporting staff and
other employee.

Patient Record Management

A complete patient management system has integrated with
our hospital automation system. It has included
the below operations:
a. New Patient Admission with patient general information
b. Patient socio-economic condition and admission
information detail
c. Patient reference detail
d. List of admitted patients
e. Patient re-admission

Patient Follow-up Management

In RxHAS, you can manage your patient follow-up using
this module. This module will help you to work on
the below areas:
a. Medicines Chart form
b. Investigation slip generate
c. Patient daily progress and
d. Views of follow-ups

Patient Prescription

A consultant or doctor can generate electronic prescription by using this module. It is very easy to generate prescription by selecting patient name, consultant and medicines detail.

Patient Shifting

It is a very effective and important module of RxHAS that you
can shift any patient from one bed to another bed,one building
or ward to another building or ward. The charge regarding this
shifting will be automatically calculated and added in billing
module of this particular patient.

Bill Payments

Billing is the core module of RxHAS. It has included lab billing, bed shifting, doctors charge, investigations and all other billing. During discharge, a patient must have to pay bill or can adjust bill if necessary. The below payment methods are allowed: a. Local any payment methods
b. Paypal
c. Bank Transfer

Admission Fee Collection

During the patient admission the admission fee is automatically
calculated based on patient:
a. Admission fee
b. Seat Rent
c. Oxygen Fee
d. Photographic
e. Nebulizer, Outdoor Nebulizer
f. Catheter/Lp Charge, OT Charge, Dental Charge
g. Incubator,Suction, Eye Charge

Patient Discharge

It is very easy to manage discharge of a patient. The below discharge areas are applicable if the outcome are:
a. Good
b. Drob
c. Transferred and
d. Death

Daily Patient Summary

From indoor, you can get the daily patient summary from this
module. The summary reports are included:
a. Indoor patient admission by building and blocks
b. Total number of patients in admission, discharge, free
and death
c. Admitted patient summary
d. Death patient summary

Create New Indent from Indoor

Our hospital automation system allows you to create indent from indoor for the below areas:
a. Medicines
b. Logistics
c. Goods

Bed Setup and Allocation

In RxHAS, it is very easy to configure your administrative
buildings, blocks, wards and finally beds. You can setup beds
under the building or block or wards. During the patient
admission, you can allocate patient bed from the patient
admission module.

Bed Availability

For a manager, it needs to know the available beds in a block, building, wards. From our 'Bed Availability' report, you can see the green color and red color boxes for free and allocated beds.

Goods Receive

In RxHAS, we have developed a complete store or inventory
management system for a hospital. A store manager can
receive medicines, goods or logistics from 'Goods Receive'
module. After receiving the products the senior manager
should have to cross check the received products and confirm
to add in main stock.

Goods Issues

Based on indoor and other indents, the store manager can approve the requested indents and can edit the indents if the stock is not sufficient with the requested quantity.

Stock Management

In Stock management module, you can manage the stock with
expired quantities, lost products, out of stock and in-stock
products from:
a. Stock register
b. Current Stock
c. Stock Transactions and
d. Approved/ Disapproved transactions

New Medicines / Goods Setup

This module will help to add new medicines, goods and logistics. You can add the products with:
a. Product type,
b. Name, generic name,
c. Strength
d. Manufacturer and
e. Units.

Supplier Management

Supplier management is an important part of store. You can
add suppliers dynamically from setting/supplier panel with
supplier detail information.

Integrated with DHIS2

DHIS2 is a flexible, web-based open-source information system with visualization features including GIS, charts and pivot tables. We have developed the mechanism to integrate aggregated and individual record of patients from RxHAS to DHIS2. As a result a manager can see and analyze patient data from DHIS2 also.


Daily Patient Admission Summary
Daily Admission VS Discharge
Disease Vs Death
Daily Admission VS Death
Gender Disaggregation
Daily number of patients death
Cumulative Patients
Cumulative Discharged Patients
Cumulative Death Patients
Cumulative Reffered Patients
Cumulative Oxygen Received
Mortality Rate
All Admitted Patients
All Discharge Patients
Search Patinet Information
View Re-admission
View all follow-ups
List of Prescription
List of Shifted Patients
Daily & Monthly Collection
Due Collection
Online Collection
Admission Fee Collection
Daily Discharge Patients
List of Doctors
List of Consultants
List of Nurses
List of Staff
List of Other Staff
List of Designations
List of Users
Indoor Indent List
All Medicines
All Logistics
All Other Goods
AMC & MoS Calculation
Monthly Stock
Monthly Distribution
Stockout Medicines
Stockout Days
Disease Geo Location
Patinet Outcome
Blood Groups
Bed Lists
Building List
Supplier List
Disease List

RxHAS is now well tested with many hospital in Bangladesh and other african countries

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RxHAS is fully integrated with DHIS2, OpenMRS, OpenHIE. You can integrate with other systems easy using RxHAS web api.

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